banniere equipe

 The team

The Zafrani team has been built with friendship and mutual respect over many years of treks with one of the founding guides, Hassan Jadid, who passed away on July 8th, 2011. Hassan was the best of men, friend to all, and he guides us to this day.

The common thread of our group is to offer dignified and worthwhile work to our local associates, and to justly compensate them for their knowledge.

Notre mascotte Zafrani





Zafrani is the name of the dromedary offered to Hassan and Sissi for their wedding.  He is the company mascot.  He is particularly friendly and loves hugs and spaghetti! He is easily guided and children love to climb all over him.

Organisation et contact

Sissi is a qualified Swiss hiking guide.  She organizes the voyages and can answer any and all questions about the preparation of your trip.  She personally welcomes or accompanies groups as often as possible.


Our cooks are worth their weight in gold, and they are responsible for the day to day needs of the treks. They are the foundation of Zafrani !





Abderrahmane, better known as  'Abdou' is a farmer from the Siroua mountains.  He prepares both meals and camps along the paths of the Atlas mountains in the Sahara with kindness and attention to detail.   You will not forget him, or his wonderful  cuisine !





Ali, a true man of the desert from M’Hamid, has participated in thousands of kilometers of treks in all the different regions of Morocco.  He'll sweep you up with his enthusiasm and  laughter.  He and his children are passionate collectors of meteorites!





Ismail is a particularly adept cook of delicious creations.  He takes care of our dromedary, Zafrani, and always takes time out to play with children  He is also a musician with a lovely voice and a talent as an emcee.


The guides who work with Zafrani are all qualified professionals and most importantly, friends.  Each has their particular qualities and know how to guide you safely on the paths of the Atlas, on the Atlantic coast or in the Sahara.





Said of Taliouine is an experienced professional known for his tact and attention to detail.  His greatest pleasure is to welcome you and share with you the profound, hidden richness of his country, the Siroua and the Sahara.  In addition to his work as a guide, he is also has begun to develop an organic farm.





Hassan, from  Ait Bougmez, is a man of the mountains with a wealth of experience. He guides with an abundance of laughter and care, with particular attention to safety.  His Berber uprightness and his knowledge will be sure to charm you.  He also farms in his Happy Valley home.


Rachid is a pure Berber from the middle Atlas region.  He is an enthusiastic and experienced guide and an athletic man of the mountains who loves to share his passion for the Berber culture and countryside.

Jamal is a young guide from  Taliouine.  He is considerate and devoted, and loves to share  the uniqueness of his country.  He's a perfect example of the younger generation who pay particular attention to the protection of both the natural and cultural heritage of their country.

Muletiers – chameliers

In each region, we work with local teams of mule and camel drivers and their families to give you an authentic welcome, in an ambience of mutual respect and friendship.  We insure that these partners receive decent salaries. For the most part, these local farmers use their own personal animals: mules or camels.  The extra money this work brings in is a welcome addition to their work on the land, and  will allow you to fully appreciate the legendary Berber tradition of hospitality.


Logistics, transport and suppliers





Idir has a huge heart and is a true professional, and is a an excellent minibus driver.  He is above all the person responsable for our local transportation ; without him, none of our trips would be possible !





Fatima is a whirl whind of energy and a true sister.  She is our secretary and takes care of the our center in  Taliouine.  She looks after the materiel and welcomes the teams, and sometimes offers our clients a taste of her delicious cooking.