Voyages à thème

Thematic travel

Morocco : an astonishing variety of culture and landscapes

Zafrani and its cohort of friends and experts propose themed travel to combine both a discovery of southern Morocco and participation in your activity of choice.

Here are an array of unique tours created to share our passion for exploring Morocco with an open heart.  The Zafrani team welcomes you with pleasure and a desire to satisfy your wishes, 'marhaban bikoum' : welcome to you all !

Are you an expert looking for a unique location ?  Zafrani is available to help you with all your projects in Morocco.

Voyages ouverts 2016

13 au 20.02  et 15.10 au 22.10 Sahara - voyage en immersion dans le monde des nomades - 8 jours

18.10 au 25.10  Safran & Argan , un voyage savoureux au pays du Siroua - 8 jours - 6 jours de marche