banniere en famille

En famille

Zafrani offers family trips à la carte in the Atlas mountains, on the Atlantic coast or in the Sahara; it's one of our specialties.  We have a long experience with many trips proposed for families all year long.

PWhether its 1, 2, 3 families or a family reunion, Morocco is an ideal place to travel even with very small children.  They are welcome everywhere. Moroccans love children and travelling with them will make the quality of contact between voyagers and locals even more warm-hearted.

Treks and itinerant hikes are adapted to the rhythm of your family and can be easily modified from one day to the next.  Children can ride mules, donkey or dromedaries and the team will find ways to entertain them along the way with games and discoveries.

During the school vacations in fall, at Christmas, or in February, the Sahara is perfect for an initiation.  Children can play in the dunes, learn to read the animal tracks in the sand, lead or ride a dromedary, collect fossils and meteorites, make bread over fires in the sand, bivouac or play drums around the fire, all under the eye of our experienced team while parents can enjoy the calm and immensity of the desert.

Spring and fall bring hiking in the Anti-Atlas,  Jbel Siroua, Jbel Saghro and on the Atlantic coast.  The landscapes are breathtaking and varied, and the time of year is ideal.  As we travel, you will meet children in the villages, and improvised games or soccer matches are the routine.  Sometimes we have home-stays in the villages where you can learn about their work on the land or their work with local crafts. In the Siroua, you will learn to collect saffron in the fall or learn to weave rugs, or you can also learn how to prepare local cuisine, make bread, or feed the livestock.

Summer, from May to the beginning of October, is the perfect season to discover the villages, pastures, lakes and summits of the High-Atlas.  With rock carvings, quiet walks in the the cool gorges, green valleys on the north slopes, boldly perched terraced fields, and delightful meetings with the nomads, this ancestral and lively world is worth discovering with an open heart.

Take a look at the page “from day to day” to read the numerous reviews by families who have already enjoyed traveling with us.