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Sahara nomads

Meet and get to know Sahraouis nomads and their culture

Length of trip : 8 to 9 days / 5 days in the desert

Level of difficulty: easy / 4 or 5 hours of hiking a day / sleeping in comfortable nomad encampments

Recommended time of year: from mid-October to April

Supervisory staff:  Sahraoui guide and a local team

Group: from 6 participants

Arrivals possible: Marrakech or Ouarzazate

The Sahara has changed ; there are no longer large caravans moving from oasis to oasis, the borders have become complicated and water has become more and more of a rarity, but there are still nomadic herders in the Moroccan Sahara.

This voyage is the chance to immerse oneself totally for 4 to 5 days in the world of the nomads. Starting in Mhamid el Ghizlan, there is no set itinerary, but instead we follow the families and herders as they move to find new pasture land or wells for their herds of dromedaries or goats.  You will either follow them by camel back or move to their next stop by 4WD.

Every encounter with the nomads is begun by sharing strong sugary tea.  You will taste camel's milk, experience the rhythm of life with the herds with the simple means at their disposal.  In the evening, while the tajine simmers on the fire, time passes in peaceful discussions or lulled along by the songs.  You will sleep in a khaïma, a large goatskin tent, or outside under the starry skies.

Lahcen will be your guide. He raises dromedaries and is the official representative of the nomads of the region Mhamid. He hopes to preserve the intangible patrimony of his culture by continuing to live with historical traditions of inestimable value. His authenticity is far from the outlandish popular image of this world, and to rub shoulders with him is a gift and a privilege.