Voyages à thème Safran

Saffron trek in the Siroua

tour of culture and exchanges

Length of trip:  8 or 10 days / 4 days hiking

Level of difficulty : easy / around 4 or 5 hours of walking a day

Recommended time of year: end of October, beginning of November (Saffron festival)

Portage by pack mules

Supervisory staff:  Moroccan guide and a local team

Size of groupe: minimum 4 participants

Arrivals possible: Marrakech, Agadir or Ouarzazate

We invite you to take part in a saffron perfumed trek in the High-Atlas during the harvest season of  “red gold” saffron in the mountains of Siroua.  We will also visit the saffron festival in  Taliouine for a week that combines hiking and culture.

Experience the saffron harvest season during 4 days of hiking around the villages of  Jbel Siroua where you will have the advantage of homestay accommodation.  Starting at dawn, you will participate in harvesting saffron and the painstaking work of extracting the golden threads.  You will explore several marvelous valleys and remarkable sites: the granaries of  Atougha and Tizgui, the Tislit gorges, and the terraced mountain fields.

Upon returning to  Taliouine, you will learn the basics of Moroccan cooking with saffron, assisted by Fatima.  If your trip corresponds with the Saffron festival in  Taliouine, you can also experience the convivial and musical ambiance as you wander among stands of local saffron producers, local associations, concerts mixing singing and traditional tachelhit (Berber) dancing, as well as concerts by more famous Moroccan groups.

Ideal for families