Treks Tizi n'test

tizi n'test, the land of hundred year old walnut trees

from the Tinmal Mosque to the Techka plateau, discover this undisturbed valley

Length of trek:  8 to 9 days / 5 days of hiking

recommended time of year: mid-May to October

Difficulty: Easy to moderate / around 5 to 7 hours of hiking a day

Portage by pack mule or donkey

Supervisory staff:  Moroccan guide and a team of local cooks and mule drivers

Arrivals possible: Marrakech or Agadir

This little known region of the High Atlas mountains goes from the  Tizi N’ Test pass to the the Atlantic coast.  The mountain range dominates the misty plains of Sous.   In the south, the transition is abrupt, with its ochre and purple cliffs plunging into a valley dotted with green dots of local argan trees.  On the north side, the valleys flow in a green melody, and the thujas and junipers fill the air with their spicy scents. Entering the along the bed of the N’Fiss river, we arrive in the heart of this beautiful, almost confidential region where the Berber villages with their stone houses fade into the landscape.  The walnut and pistachio trees of the Atlas region cover the paths with cool shadows.  The valley resonates with the songs of the women who work in the terraced fields that reach up to the summer pastures of the high plateau of Techka.  Two summits of over 3000m meters are a part of this beautiful trek.  The natural beauty and the warm-heartedness of our local team make this an unforgettable journey.


This trek can easily be combined with a holiday along the Atlantic coast.

Flexible according to your needs : dates, number of days, itinerary etc.