Treks Jbel Saghro

jbel saghro, the nomadic adventure

Do you know the story of the lovers Ali and Eto?

Length of trek: 8 or 10 days/ 5 day of hiking

recommended time of year: October/November or February/April

Portage by pack mules

Supervisory staff:  Moroccan guide and a team of local cooks and mule drivers

Arrivals possible:  Ouarzazate ou Marrakech

Under the calm and open skies of Aït Atta, this trek provides a breath of fresh air.  The nomadic traditions of the proud Berber tribes have continued up to this day, and we run across their herds and camps all along the way.  The  Jbel Saghro is the name is of this eastern mountain range of the Anti-Atlas that are perched over the large oasis of the south.  The  range goes to the Dadès Valley to the north and the Draa Valley to the south-west. The luxurious and immense landscape is a geological dream! This part of the Sahara is dotted with astonishing peaks, winding canyons, and moonlike plains.  We explore this range, accompanied by our local team, in harmony with the rhythms of the nomads.  Water is infrequent, and we wind our way along in the shadows of the palm trees and into the gardens of the green oasis.  The final objective is reached by climbing the summit of Mont Kouaouch (2662m).  From there, the view unfurls from the  Haut-Atlas to Jbel Bani.

This trek can be easily combined with hike in the Sahara for a total voyage of 15 days.
Flexible according to your needs : dates, number of days, itinerary etc.
Ideal family voyage