Treks Tafraoute

The tafraoute Anti-Atlas region, the blood of the dragon.

Following the paths of the antelopes, from mountains to oasis

length of trip: 9 days / 5½ day of hikes out and back from a center base

recommended time of year : from fall to the start of spring (ideal in January/February)

level of difficulty: easy / 5 to 7h hours of hiking a day

travel by car (nights in  a holiday cottage)

arrivals possible: Agadir (also possible Marrakech and Ouarzazate)


With its tints of pink, green and white, the region of Tafraoute is well-worth the visit, offering a chance to fully explore its large diversity of landscapes.  The scree slopes of round blocks of granite in astonishing forms and the mountain range of quartzite are a paradise for hiking and trad climbing.  Towering over the valley of Amelns, the range of Jbel El Kest forms an imposing barrier, and climbing up to its summit is the climax of the program.  Many beautiful villages are folded into the grooves formed by the canyons at the base of the range.  The pink and white colors of the houses fade into the rocks.  We will also discover the luxuriant and remarkable oasis of  Aït Mansour.  Botanists will find many endemic species in the region, including a rare form dragon's blood tree, now only found in a few secret, secluded spots that your guides will have the pleasure of sharing with you.  Many people have emigrated from the area;  its fields and paths are partially abandoned, and the use of work mules has almost disappeared. The result is that nature is slowly regaining ground and it is not unusual to see Cuvier's gazelle, wild pigs or even the rare Barbary sheep, as well as a diverse and unique flora which will enchant naturalists.

Flexible according to your needs : dates, number of days, itinerary etc.
Ideal for families.