Treks Siroua

jbel siroua, randonnée au pays du safran

In our secret garden, you will be welcomed like it's your own home

Length of trek: 9 jours / 5 ½ jours de marche

Recommended time of year: spring and fall

Level: easy / around 5 to 6 hours of hiking per day

Portering: pack mules

Supervisory staff:  Moroccan guide and a team of local cooks and mule drivers

Arrivals possible: Marrakech, Agadir or Ouarzazate

This marvelous trek starts in the small town of  Taliouine, where we are based, and takes place in a lively and picturesque mountainous area.  It's our secret garden !  For your hiking pleasure : varied landscapes, the ascension of Siroua (3305m) with its breathtaking view of the Atlas mountains in the Sahara. For your traveling pleasure : the rich heritage of the region and the wonderful people you will meet along the way.  The Siroua is a small volcanic region dotted with small villages and terraced slopes.  The local gold is saffran, which adds flavor each night to your dinner tajine.  Growing saffron has kept the region vibrant.  At the beginning of spring, almond trees in bloom cover the valley floor and later, the summer pastures and summits shimmer in the evening light.  October is the harvest season, not to be missed.  The Saffron Festival happens every year in Taliouine at the end of October.

Thematic travel : Saffron trek in Siroua

Flexible according to your needs : dates, number of days, itinerary etc.

Ideal family voyage